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Team Members - Flexagon Capital Management Limited

Team Members

Daniele Bartoccioni Menconi

Daniele Bartoccioni Menconi has over 20 years of investment banking experience. After an internship at ABN Amro Hoare Govett Asia in New York, he started his career in J.P. Morgan in London where he became Vice President and Co-Head of Fixed Income Derivatives Marketing for Emerging Markets. In 2005 he moved to Merrill Lynch as Co-head of the Emerging Markets Fixed Income Credit and Commodities client solution division, before assuming the responsibility of head of Italy for FICC client solution. In 2008 he moved to Mediobanca London to start up the Capital Markets Solution practice for Credit Rates Alternatives and Loans. He left Mediobanca to start up Flexagon Capital Solutions LLP and Flexagon Capital Management LTD.

Claire Camilleri Gauci

Claire Camilleri Gauci is a Compliance Specialist in financial services. Claire started her career in the Banking Regulation and Compliance Section at Central Bank of Malta and the Malta Financial Services Authority, where she was involved in the on-site supervision for banks, drafting of banking, financial services legislation and due diligence. Since then, Claire has worked with major financial services operators in Malta. She was the Compliance Director at Active Services (Malta) Limited and was instrumental in launching the Group’s compliance services. Claire provides high-level compliance consultancy to major financial entities on the implementation of European Union Directives such as MIFID, AIFMD and Solvency 2. She is a member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners and serves on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Committee by the same institute.

Stefano Sabbatini

Stefano Sabbatini started his career in an independent financial advisory company as investment analyst acquiring knowledge of the Financial Markets dynamic. After one year he decided to enroll to the Second Level Master in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management at Collegio Carlo Alberto – University of Turin, to deepen his quantitative finance knowledge. After accomplishing the master, he joined Abalone Asset Management as Operations and Risk Analyst. Stefano also holds a Master’s degree (Hons) in Finance and Insurance from the University La Sapienza of Rome.

Suzanne Wolfe Martin

Suzanne Wolfe Martin is currently Member of the Advisory Committee at the Maltese Arbitration Court and member of the Maltese bar of lawyers, of the bar of District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) and of the Czech Bar (Prague). She worked at Law Offices Suzanne Wolfe Martin from 1981 until 2014, an independent Law Firm based in Geneva, Switzerland, specialising in international commercial law, international litigation and management, finance, tax and arbitration. She was part of the General Counsel of World Ort Union, NGO based in Geneva from 1971 until 1980 and of the Conseil Juridique in Paris for the period 1966-1971. She graduated from the New York University in 1955 and retains a Juris Doctor Degree from the Catholic University of America (Washington D.C.) and she completed her Doctoral studies in Private Law in 1965 at the University of Paris.